• 20-07-2016 - STEM has become STEMP (State of Emergency Mapping Project).
  • 02-07-2016 - STEMP Database Phase 2 (1995-2015) online: Dr. Leonard Fister, Svenne Groeneweg, andrej Prof. Andrej Zwitter have completed the 2nd Phase of the STEMP project. The database now covers 20 years of emergency declarations, Lead Data Scientist, Dr. Fister, has developed the R-code for the refined descriptive statistics and the visualization.


  • 01-04-2016 - Dr. Leonard Fister has joined the STEMP research project as lead data scientist with the beginning of a new phase extending the database to a coverage of 20 years, from 1995-2015.


  • 03-03-2015 - STEMP is proud to announce the launch of the formal cooperation with the Centre for Religion and Political Culture at the University of Manchester through the joint GSG-CRPC conference:

State of Emergency Provisions and Their Theological Legacy, 15-17 May 2015 at University of Manchester, UK


  • 17-09-2014 - Database Phase 1 and codebook updated and finalised: the database now contains all official records of emergency declarations registered with the Human Rights Committee from 1998-2013.




  • 02-05-2014 - Resources added: Google Ngram Viewer / Google Books word frequency: "state of emergency, martial law, state of siege, state of exception"





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